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Bringing Life to Architecture Since 1995

By deriving intelligent designs, developing them to compliment your architectural ideas and delivering them as masterpieces, Sherin HiFab Contracts India (P) Ltd has been very instrumental in creating a better-crafted world for the past 25 years. Founded by Mr Prince Varghese in 1995, Sherin HiFab today is a leading name in Façade Glazing & Cladding Services in South India. With the very advanced technologies and highly skilled manpower, we at Sherin HiFab ensure that our customers’ dreams are realized with superior accuracy.

Envisaging a
Beautifully Built


To continuously deliver the best in Façade Glazing & Cladding Services by evolving innovative designs and executing it to perfection and thereby add more value to our customers’ architectural ideas.


To be a trusted partner of both domestic and international investors by maintaining a great reputation among our customers, and contribute to the worldwide infrastructure industry by playing a pivotal role in designing futuristic architectural marvels. To ensure a sustainable future by bridging emerging technologies and enduring designs.

Equipped for tomorrow

Led by the visionary leaders, Mr Varghese K. Daniel, the Chairman, Mr Prince Varghese, the Managing Director and Mrs Evelyn Prince, the Director, Sherin HiFab is all set to conquer the challenges that the future poses. A company that has versatile talents, we provide our passionate and ambitious professionals with a dynamic atmosphere to sharpen their skills and make them ready for tomorrow. Always keeping an eye on the latest trends and techniques, we constantly upgrade ourselves and come up with innovative solutions for even the most complex architectural designs.

image Mr Varghese K. Daniel
image Mr Prince Varghese
image Mrs Evelyn Prince

Cutting-Edge Technology to Deliver Unmatched Quality

With the very advanced factory equipped with high-tech machinery and the expertise of highly qualified and experienced employees at Edayar, Industrial Development Area, Kalamassery, Sherin Hi-fab evolves high-quality solutions to meet its customers’ requirements. Powered by state-of-the-art methods and exclusively designed innovative accessories, we never compromise on quality and ensure that our services are up to the international standards of excellence. Having spent 25 years in the industry, what we offer our customers is nothing but the best.

Ensuring Pace and Precision

Today, the architecture and infrastructure industry is witnessing a fast-paced growth. And to keep pace with the growth, one needs to implement fast operations and time-saving processes. At Sherin Hi-fab, our team of experts is very aware of the needs or swiftness. That’s why they are very ardent on improving their speed and accuracy day by day and delivering projects on time. From the initial stage of façade design to the final phase of its execution, we ensure that the quality levels are high and the precision is maintained throughout.

Engineered to Inspire

Adorn your architectures the elegance of engineering with Sherin HiFab. With a wide range of doors and windows made from both Aluminium and UPVC, Sherin HiFab caters to the needs of various structures like apartments, workspaces, schools and hospitals. Made from superior grade materials, our aesthetically crafted windows and doors ensure unmatched quality, great endurance and sophisticated style. Apart from doors and windows, Sherin HiFab also offers a variety of fly screen systems that ensure optimum protection against flying insects. Available in different colours, designs and dimensions, all our products can also be customised according to the requirements of customers.

Our range of Aluminium windows & doors:

Fixed Windows | Sliding Windows | Casement Windows | Sliding Doors | Casement Doors | Folding Doors | Top Hang Ventilators | Louvers

Our range of UPVC windows & doors:

Fixed Windows | Sliding Windows | Casement Windows | Sliding Doors | Casement Doors | Folding Doors | Top Hang Ventilators | Louvers

Our range of UPVC Fly Screen Systems:

FZigzag Mesh | Roller Mesh | Motorised Zip Drive System | Partition Door | Barrier Free | Mesh Door